Juju x Licorería Limantour

An Indo-Mexican Dream Collaboration

What happens when an award-winning Mexican Bar visits India and collaborates with Pune’s first-ever Tequila Bar? It’s all Bueno, Amigo! Because we present to you, Juju and Licorería Limantour.

Juju Bar, Kalyani Nagar, Pune

Juju Bar, Kalyani Nagar, Pune

Conceptualization of a Tequila Bar

G.O.A.T. Ideas, in association with Cocktails of Tomorrow, a reputed Bar Consultancy in India orchestrated this extraordinary collaboration that transcends borders and cultures. This partnership brought together Juju Bar, which is Pune’s first-ever Mexican-themed Tequila Bar, and Mexico’s Licorería Limantour, a globally recognized Bar in the World’s Top 50 Bars, ranking 4th in the world. 

One prevalent myth that has been here in India for the longest time is that Tequila is limited for shots or margaritas. And Team Juju decided it was high time to shatter this misconception. In a bold move, they extended their Elephant & Co’s establishment to introduce Juju Bar, a dedicated haven for Tequila enthusiasts. Here, the focus is on crafting Tequila-based cocktails, dispelling the notion that Tequila has a limited role to play. 

Tasty Tacos at Pune’s Juju Bar

This is when G.O.A.T. Ideas’ brainchild, that is the Indo-Mexican Dream Collaboration of Juju and Licorería Limantour was born. Bringing in a major alcohol/beverage sponsor was critical in executing an event of this magnitude. Hence, we roped in Diageo and Don Julio as our official sponsors for the collaboration.

Licorería Limantour, A True G.O.A.T.

The main theme behind this event was “Who better to call for a Mexican Bar’s Launch than the Mexicans themselves!” 

Along with being the number 4th Bar in the world right now, Licorería Limantour has also been awarded as the Rémy Martin Legend of the List for 2022, named the Best Bar in North America consecutively for two years now and has consistently been a part of The World’s 50 Best Bars list since 2014! Known for their laidback Latin charm, creative cocktails, and insanely talented mixologists, Licorería Limantour has been the El Grande in the bar game for quite a while now! 

Hence, they were the obvious elite choice for this collaboration.

Hola India!

Limantour’s Partner and bartender José Luis León and mixologist Pamela Lopez visited India for this exciting mutual endeavor and were all set to experience the vibrant culture of India. This event being set up for Pan-Indian visibility, we decided to partner it up with Juju’s sister bar, India’s famous Elephant and Co Bar. Given Elephant and Co’s extensive reach in both Pune and Goa, they were the ideal choice as our venue partner. 

José & Pamela started their trip by wandering around the streets of Pune and visiting the famous Dagdusheth Ganpati there. They indulged in some amazing Maharashtrian Food like Pune’s famous Vadapav, spicy Panipuri, and some flavourful Biryani. They also enthusiastically joined us in a fun Bollywood dance class and showed us some of their best dance moves! The activities were planned by our team to give them a taste of Indian culture.

José Luis León trying Pune's Pani Puri

José Luis León trying Panipuri

José & Pamela traveled through the colourful streets of Goa, spent a sunny day on a yacht, and experienced the best of both lives of Goa – i.e. the serene beach life and the lush nightlife! Our team also made sure they had the best Fish Thali and Kaju Feni in the town!

Pre-event Amplification

Prior to the event, Mexican-themed hampers were sent to local influencers, and also to the patrons of Elephant & Co, to create excitement and build brand awareness. The collaboration with influencers played a pivotal role in creating excitement surrounding the launch of Juju Bar. Their influential reach helped us drive curiosity among our target audience, ensuring a successful launch event. We also soft-launched Juju on social media platforms and hinted the audience about a new Mexican-themed Tequila Bar coming to town. Juju’s Mexican Food Menu had undergone several trials and tastings with well-traveled people from the city before presenting, all thanks to Cocktails of Tomorrow. 

For Juju’s 45-seater Tequila Bar, we decided to go full out on sombreros, gabáns, and traditional Latin Music. G.O.A.T Ideas beautifully executed this series of events in association with Cocktails of Tomorrow. PR Agency, Connekting Dots, and Media Partner Travel & Leisure helped us throughout the event too.

Pune's first Tequila Bar

Mexican celebration at Juju

Mexico Thumak Da

During the ideation process of this event, Juju didn’t just want this collaboration to be a bar takeover. They also wanted to give back to the bartending community of India, by sharing their wisdom. Hence, Cocktails of Tomorrow curated and helped conduct masterclasses in Pune & Goa for Indian mixologists and enthusiasts led by José & Pamela. 

Licorería Limantour Masterclass at Elephant & Co

Pamela Lopez from Limantour conducting masterclass at ECO Goa

In the masterclass, they introduced everyone to Mexican cocktails & ingredients. They also shared best practices in the industry that professionals should adopt to thrive, drawing from their experiences at Limantour. After the wisdom session, it was time for the Fiesta!

The night of the launch was a big hit as Juju and Elephant & Co were fully stacked with guests. José & Pamela’s decadent Mexican cocktails like Paloma, Margarita Al Pastor (This one had Taco Mix in it!), Old George Sour and Oregano were a triumph! Throughout the evening, guests munched on Juju’s tasty tacos, grooving to lively Latin music while sipping on their cocktails just as we had envisioned! The thrilling night ended with José & Pamela showing off their Bollywood dance moves with some London Thumak Da, giving people the party of their lives! 

José Luis León & Pamela making cocktails at Elephant & co

José Luis León & Pamela Lopez making cocktails at ECO Goa

Until Next Time

The Juju and Licorería Limantour experience was not just a collaboration of bars but of ideas. Due to this powerful collaboration, Juju gained the necessary upliftment for its launch along with Pan-Indian visibility. Licorería Limantour also garnered an enthusiastic audience and increased brand recognition & recall among the Indian audience! The week spent together was not just about an event but about making lifelong networks and connections. It was an influential collaboration of concoctions, cultures, and countries. 

We’d like to thank Diageo and Don Julio for serving as our official sponsors and playing a crucial role in turning this collaboration into a reality. This was Don Juilo’s first sponsored event in Pune and it was an honour to be associated with them. 

At G.O.A.T. Ideas, we promote creative collaborations and are glad we could make this opportunity happen for Juju and Licorería Limantour. We not only ideated a good event, but also delivered spot-on Brand Visibility, Brand Recall Value, a great consumer experience, and helped foster an important industry connection. With a strong network of connections, attention to every detail, and a more than capable team, we aim to make your vision into reality.


Juju and Licorería Limantour Masterclass

Licorería Limantour Masterclass in India

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